Bringing the Cj-6 parts jeep at home

This past weekend (May 17-18-19) we went to my brother’s home to get my parts jeep.

CJ-6 1966

Here is a closer look of Matter’s cousin!


We can’t see it clearly but the front wheel was half buried into mud so the wheels doesn’t turn freely.


Also, we noticed that the locking hub had an extra external sleeve that prevent us to remove the wheel without removing the locking hub first.

IMG_0096 IMG_0098

My brother in action!


I strongly suggest to get a hub puller to remove those brake drum. It’s soooooo more easy!


The wheels is now turning free. We trow away the brake shoe.


Here is my new jack Hi-Lift Extreme in action! (140$CAN)


We used a Bubba rope to pull it on the trailer.


We were ready to leave.


And finally we made it to home!


Now the real fun begin. It will be time to dismantle it!