Perkins engine Oil Dipstick

Perkins engine Oil Dipstick

I never paid attention to it but the manual show the dipstick on the right side of the engine but on a Perkins Diesel Jeep, it’s on the left side.

Here is pics showing it.

The dipstick measure around 10″3/4. From the end tips to the tap it measure 8″.

The max oil is at 3/4″ and the min look like at the end of the tips.

Hope this help.

Enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks, the locations are visa-versa and I am dyslexic so I understand your comment. The pictures and measurements are very descriptive and helpful in my search for the correct dipstick length.

    1-The only other measurement that would probably cinch the insertion depth into the oil pan is the height of the tube coming up from the oil pan machined mounting hole.

    The book “Parts Peculiar to the Perkins Diesel Jeep Models CJ5-CJ6” lists this as “Tube, Dipstick Guide” as part #965017.

    2- Do you know what the oil change fill capacity is in US quarts or other units, with or w/o filter?

    In my CJ-5 Diesel Conversion I machined an adapter to take a spin on regular oil filter and had to get the dipstick tube around that.

    I had extended this tube with steel brake line which I could easily bend around so as to have it be accessible at the top of the engine. The dipstick was constructed from speedometer cable so it could easily make the bends. Its total length is around 20″.

    I do have the book “Parts Peculiar to the Perkins Diesel Jeep Models CJ5-CJ6” now copied into a .pdf of about 16.6 MB which I can send to an email address or other place.

  2. Eric, I will take more measurement this weekend.
    I don’t know the fill capacity.
    I got the manual and I will do a post about it. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.
    In that book, on page 4, the dipstick is shown on the Fuel pump side but again on my engine the dipstick is on the starter side….!!! Now I’m wondering if more than one design of the oil pan exist.

  3. Pascal,
    I am sure more than one engine design exists. My starter search revealed so many starters for the 4-192 and the 4-203 (from the Perkins book the 203 is a larger bore 192). Many for Massey Ferguson Tractors.

    Page A-1 of the green “Workshop Manual Perkins Diesel Engines” states that the 4-192 has a bore of 3.5″ and the 4-203 has a bore of 3.6″, both have a 5″ stroke. The British either were not metric yet or this engine was built for the US market???

    The Perkins pictures show no dipstick tube on the left side of the engine, the dipstick fits directly into the hole of the machined boss on the oil pan, the right height if tractor mounted as the engine would already be around waist height.

    On page 36, group 10-14 of the “Parts Peculiar to Perkins Diesels in Jeep CJ-5-CJ-6” part #965017 a dipstick tube is listed. This book is useful as it does list in an appropriate groupe parts that are not shown in the drawings or pictures of the engine.

    Of help is that my scanner could do an OCR of “Parts Peculiar to Perkins Diesels in Jeep CJ-5-CJ-6” and you can do a wordsearch with the find function of the Adobe pdf document.

    I will see if the software will OCR the “Workshop Manual Perkins Diesel Engines”. I will need my soon to be ordered PC to handle that task.

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