First official show

Here is some photos of my first official show.

I was with the Club VASL (Voiture ancienne du Saguenay Lac-St-Jean). We were five Willys at the show. One M38, two CJ3A and two CJ2A.

Me with my CJ3A 1950. I think it was the most original Willys at the show.

Pascal CJ3A 1950 15 show VASL 2014

Here is the CJ3A dressed as an  M38 1953. It was a good thing that we were side by side. I was able to tell people the difference between a civilian jeep and a military one.

CJ3A 1953 M38

A closer look.

CJ3A 1953 M38

Here is the serial number of the other most original Willys that was at the show. Unfortunately, this one was dressed as an US Navy….

CJ2A 1946

CJ2A 1946 … USN!

CJ2A 1946 CJ2A 1946 CJ2A 1946

Here is a CJ2A 1948. It has a new body and has some mechanical part from a CJ5 like the differential and brake. It also has an overdrive.

CJ2A 1948

The tire was Duratrac LT225/75R16.


I didn’t took the photo of the other CJ3A.

Anyway, it was a good show and a very good day. I enjoy it.

Here is my Cj5 diesel parts jeep

Some pictures and details I found about it.

The serial number of the CJ5 jeep;



Based on my research, this jeep was built in November 1966 and it was the second. As you can see it here (Serial number documents from, not very many diesel jeep was build.

A look to the motor;


It has  two non-original horn!


A Chevy power steering was added;


Electric wiper motor;


Still has the starting instruction dash plate on;


I think I will keep all the mechanical parts from it. It has Warn hubs;


I will reuse the suspension;


The PO (previous owner) was kind enough to give me all related book;


Here is the engine serial number 2509325. It’s hard to read, I know. I will try to take a better picture.


I found this tag in the parts book. It’s mention that the engine serial number is really 2509325.



Stay tune, I will add more pictures.