A Perkins Diesel engine for my DJ-6?

**********UPDATED May 8th, 2014 (Added more photos)*************

Look what I just found!


It’s a 1967 CJ-5 with VIN# start with 8310… this mean that it has a 4 192 Perkins Diesel engine.

It is not very far away from me. The seller is asking 500$ for the jeep. It is just not a good timing since I’m going to get my CJ-6 parts jeep in two weeks. I don’t have a place to put it.

It’s very tempting. I think it would fit in my DJ-6. I should get a little more power and torque.

I will cross my finger and wait. Hope it will still be available in a month.

I got more photos;

No doubt that’s a perkins diesel engine;

1967CJ5_perkinsDiesel_8310_5 1967CJ5_perkinsDiesel_8310_51967CJ5_perkinsDiesel_8310_5

The steering column doesn’t look original;


Based on the shifting pattern, look like a three speed transmission.

I wonder what would be the axle ratio on it.