Here is a website about my passion; Jeep Willys.

Yep, another website about Jeep! Why not? We love them.

It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.

I wanted to create a place where everybody can tell a story about their Jeep as well as showing it to us. The idea is to build a place where we can see all different jeeps and pictures , sort of online picture book of old jeeps. It will be like a Universal Serial Database. I already found many websites with serial database but I would like to regroup it under one main database.  Go check the “LINKS” section to see other serial database.

Since I do prefer the old one, I tried to spot the one made between 1941 to 1985. Is it fair or OK? I don’t know. Let see how it goes and maybe I will open my mind to more recent build. (…you have recent jeep, choose unknown model and unknown year for now…)

I’m still working on how the data will be shown on YOUR’S page but you can start fill in it.  I just added an option to advertised it “for sale”.

So, Do you want your Jeep Willys to be on this site like shown on the “YOUR’S” page?  If you are ready then Click Here!
Or go to the HOME page just under the About page.

…To millions of people all over the world "JEEP" means WILLYS…