Starting dismantlement of the CJ6 1966 parts jeep

I started to dismantle the jeep. I think is a good idea to take pictures as much as I can. It should help when I put everything back in place. ( Memory is a faculty that forgets )

Here is a picture of what appears to be an original windshield water tank. Yep! It’s that small plastic bag.  Go figure out how to fill it…

1966 CJ6 windshield water tank

I have to say: “RIP 31962!”

Probably made in the end of September 1966. Check the serial information on the website.

1966 CJ6 8405 31962 VIN#

I’m not sure if this is an original tag (938202) or not of the wiring harness. Also note that it has two horns.

1966 CJ6 wiring harness code

Horn relay;

1966 CJ6 horn relay

This is my second blue CJ6 I found. This one and the DJ6 that I planned to restore. It’s literally the same blue. I did some research and I think those jeep was owned by the Quebec government. Especially this one, because it has two large side mirror , two horns, a CB antenna , 4 flashing yellow distress installed on the front fender and on each corner of the hardtop. I will look for a number that could identify it.

Thank you for watching!