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DJ-6 Work Begin

DJ-6 Work Begin

I finally had time to start to work on my project…after 5 years!

I took us 4 hours to get the heart of the beast out of it!

First we removed any cable/wire/link attached to the engine.

Second step was the removal of the front grill with the radiator and radiator rod support.

Then we unscrewed the bell housing and get the engine out…


It look scary like this…we just need to add some car’s movie like eyes to get an Halloween ornament!

Stay tuned!

Perkins engine Oil Dipstick

Perkins engine Oil Dipstick

I never paid attention to it but the manual show the dipstick on the right side of the engine but on a Perkins Diesel Jeep, it’s on the left side.

Here is pics showing it.

The dipstick measure around 10″3/4. From the end tips to the tap it measure 8″.

The max oil is at 3/4″ and the min look like at the end of the tips.

Hope this help.

Enjoy it!

A Man Dishwasher

A Man Dishwasher

Yesterday I went to the Canadian Tire Store and found a discounted parts washer…I couldn’t resist and I bought it! It’s the Canadian tire homemade brand Mastercraft but It look like well build. I paid it 175$. Let me use it and I will tell you how it goes.



Perkins engine mount

Perkins engine mount

I tried to take pictures of the engine mount parts that i removed from the original diesel jeep to compare it with the actual engine mount in the DJ-6. They look very similar.

Here is how close i am to get the perkins engine into the DJ! So much work left to do. I didn’t have much time this winter to work on it.


I will get it done!

DJ-6 1965 project real start

DJ-6 1965 project real start

After almost three-year on the waiting list the patient is now in the surgery room. I’m excited!   :yahoo: The patient will get a heart transplantation and a face-lift. It will get also other minor operation. Hopefully, it will survive. I don’t know how much time the patient will be at the hospital.   :unsure:   Be quiet, I will take care of him.

See how he is happy inside;

DJ-6 1965 in the garage
DJ-6 1965 in the garage

Wish us good luck!

I will let you know of the progress. :good:

AM FM CB AMC Jeep Radio wiring

AM FM CB AMC Jeep Radio wiring

I’m looking how to wire my new AMC radio for my DJ-6 project.

Here is pictures of it with what I’m thinking how it should connect:

WiringDiagramAMFMCBRadioAMCJeep AMFMCBRadioAMCJeep IMAG1483

I’m sure that the two connectors with white/black/green wires are used for the front/rear speakers. The connectors with the brown/orange/black wires is also easy since it’s written on the nameplate. I would like to be sure for the black connector on the left corner, is it for grounding to the chassis?

I’m wondering if the antenna is OK or not. Should I consider that the radio and the CB are using the same antenna?


Workshop Manual Perkins Diesel Engine 4.192-203 1961

Workshop Manual Perkins Diesel Engine 4.192-203 1961

Here is a PDF file about the Workshop Manual for Perkins Diesel Engine model 4.192 and 4.203. It was printed in 1961.


We can learned into this manual that the engine serial number consists of seven digits. In a case of a Jeep motors (4.192), it commences with the figures 25XXXXX.

The serial number of my engine is 2509325.

I found interesting the way of joining the binder and sheet together. They used two screws!


You can download the PDF file here:



Specs sheet Perkins Four 192

Specs sheet Perkins Four 192

Here is the specifications sheet for the Perkins Diesel Engine Four 192 (4.192)

This sheet is for the industrial power units but the same engine was used in the Jeep CJ-5 CJ-6 and Massey-Ferguson Tractor MF65. The only difference is the HP is rated at 60 HP for 2200 RPM I think.

The engine for the Jeep has some own parts like the mounting bracket.

Enjoy it!

French Manual About Perkins Diesel Engines

French Manual About Perkins Diesel Engines

Here is a PDF file I found on the web about how to maintain a Perkins Diesel engines for model 3.144, 3.152, 4.192, 4.203, 6 PF288 and 6 PF305. It’s for three, four and six cylinders engines.

I’m looking to get the English version of this manual.

You can download it here :


Enjoy it!

Listen the sound of the first startup of my CJ5 Diesel engine

Yep! Listen the sound of the first startup of my CJ5 Diesel engine.

I had to prime the fuel line and remove all the air into the line. The hand fuel pump was not working so I used a pump that I bought for 10$ at Canadian Tire.

So here is the video of the first startup of my diesel engine! It was not started since the last two years.

On my youtube channel;

Just giving it a little more gaz:

And time to find problem… first one which doesn’t bother me is a small water coolant leak.

:unsure: 😥 :wacko: :negative:


I don’t want to rebuild the engine. So how should I try to fix it at very low cost? I don’t have a welder nor a friend with a welder…

What is your opinion of cold weld stuff like JB weld or Loctite?

Test of the CJ5 1967 diesel motor

Here is my setup to test my CJ5 diesel 1967 jeep motor.

Since the tank fuel was missing, I had to use my imagination;


Why two fuel line? Because a diesel motor is using a fuel return.

I added a “no-return” valve. The  PO let it in a box full of parts. I also added a temporary fuel filter.


Here is pictures of a crack that we found on the block after we started the engine. It is around 1″3/4 long.





I asked people hints and some recommend to weld it, to use JB weld, or use Loctite cold weld stuff. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. I don’t want to rebuild that engine.  I think I will try to drill both end of the crack then trace it with a dremel. I will try the loctite solution.

I’m open to suggestions.

I will post video later.

Here is my Cj5 diesel parts jeep

Some pictures and details I found about it.

The serial number of the CJ5 jeep;



Based on my research, this jeep was built in November 1966 and it was the second. As you can see it here (Serial number documents from, not very many diesel jeep was build.

A look to the motor;


It has  two non-original horn!


A Chevy power steering was added;


Electric wiper motor;


Still has the starting instruction dash plate on;


I think I will keep all the mechanical parts from it. It has Warn hubs;


I will reuse the suspension;


The PO (previous owner) was kind enough to give me all related book;


Here is the engine serial number 2509325. It’s hard to read, I know. I will try to take a better picture.


I found this tag in the parts book. It’s mention that the engine serial number is really 2509325.



Stay tune, I will add more pictures.

Dismantlement of the parts jeep Done!

I just finished today to dismantle the 1966 CJ-6 Jeeps parts.

I kept what I wanted and give away the rest.

Here is some pictures while dismantle it;


I find out how hard it is to remove old rusty, crusty stuff. The rear wheels stud broke, all of them!


Fender gone!

IMG_0177 IMG_0178

Original Hurricane F134 sticker! I will keep it for a while.


Someone welded the battery tray on the frame…Arggh!


Tub off the frame. Two people needed.


It’s a keeper.

IMG_0225 IMG_0226

So, I gave away the frame, motor, transmision, transfert case and both differentials.



It took the day to dismantle it. No too bad for a first one.

Starting dismantlement of the CJ6 1966 parts jeep

I started to dismantle the jeep. I think is a good idea to take pictures as much as I can. It should help when I put everything back in place. ( Memory is a faculty that forgets )

Here is a picture of what appears to be an original windshield water tank. Yep! It’s that small plastic bag.  Go figure out how to fill it…

1966 CJ6 windshield water tank

I have to say: “RIP 31962!”

Probably made in the end of September 1966. Check the serial information on the website.

1966 CJ6 8405 31962 VIN#

I’m not sure if this is an original tag (938202) or not of the wiring harness. Also note that it has two horns.

1966 CJ6 wiring harness code

Horn relay;

1966 CJ6 horn relay

This is my second blue CJ6 I found. This one and the DJ6 that I planned to restore. It’s literally the same blue. I did some research and I think those jeep was owned by the Quebec government. Especially this one, because it has two large side mirror , two horns, a CB antenna , 4 flashing yellow distress installed on the front fender and on each corner of the hardtop. I will look for a number that could identify it.

Thank you for watching!

Bringing the Cj-6 parts jeep at home

This past weekend (May 17-18-19) we went to my brother’s home to get my parts jeep.

CJ-6 1966

Here is a closer look of Matter’s cousin!


We can’t see it clearly but the front wheel was half buried into mud so the wheels doesn’t turn freely.


Also, we noticed that the locking hub had an extra external sleeve that prevent us to remove the wheel without removing the locking hub first.

IMG_0096 IMG_0098

My brother in action!


I strongly suggest to get a hub puller to remove those brake drum. It’s soooooo more easy!


The wheels is now turning free. We trow away the brake shoe.


Here is my new jack Hi-Lift Extreme in action! (140$CAN)


We used a Bubba rope to pull it on the trailer.


We were ready to leave.


And finally we made it to home!


Now the real fun begin. It will be time to dismantle it!


A Perkins Diesel engine for my DJ-6?

**********UPDATED May 8th, 2014 (Added more photos)*************

Look what I just found!


It’s a 1967 CJ-5 with VIN# start with 8310… this mean that it has a 4 192 Perkins Diesel engine.

It is not very far away from me. The seller is asking 500$ for the jeep. It is just not a good timing since I’m going to get my CJ-6 parts jeep in two weeks. I don’t have a place to put it.

It’s very tempting. I think it would fit in my DJ-6. I should get a little more power and torque.

I will cross my finger and wait. Hope it will still be available in a month.

I got more photos;

No doubt that’s a perkins diesel engine;

1967CJ5_perkinsDiesel_8310_5 1967CJ5_perkinsDiesel_8310_51967CJ5_perkinsDiesel_8310_5

The steering column doesn’t look original;


Based on the shifting pattern, look like a three speed transmission.

I wonder what would be the axle ratio on it.

My DJ-6 research

My DJ-6 research

I did some research and ask about my DJ-6 on many discussion forum and on Facebook.

I found a thread on JeepsCanada Forum;

It worth nothing to try so I asked…got no answer.

Then I asked Dave at ewillys to post it;

 The owner answered me.

“Hi Pascal, the DJ6 was bought many years ago to donate its engine to a CJ5, but it never happened. It apparently spent its life in southern Alberta, probably south of Calgary as it has only one rust spot on the driver’s side. I picked the jeeps up about 70 km north of here. The engine serial # on my DJ6 is 4J418868. The last 2 numbers are kind of hard to read, so it is fairly close to yours which means they are both original engines. The DJ6 paint is raven black. You can post all the pictures you want. If I decide to sell it I will let you know. When spring comes I will probably start fixing it, first the brakes. My rear axle has 2 sets of spring mounts, one a little farther in on the axle that the set that is used. I was talking to an old jeep collector last spring at a car show and he said he remembered reading about this occurring on some of the early series as they used up old stock from discontinued models in this case probably the DJ3. I don’t know if this is true as info on the DJ6 is scarce. I have an owners manual for 1965 CJ and DJ jeeps it is about 83 pages, but does not list any options, the options would be nice to see.”

Here is pictures of his DJ-6:

I was lucky enough to find an 1965 Owner manual and DJ-6 specifications data for year 1965 and 1966. I posted those here:

I think it’s a good story! Two subsequent rare jeep in Canada! Wow!

I will add more pictures of my DJ-6 in the next post. Stay tune!

My DJ-6 Project

My DJ-6 Project

Let me show you what I found in 2012.

This jeep was advertised on as a CJ-6 1962. I did ask more details about it and I got more pictures:

I was surprised to see the serial number.
8605 10062


Normally, I was used to see number starting by 8405. So I did some research and found out that 8605 was for a DJ-6. I found the serial information on the CJ3B website.

It was the first one made on September, 1965!

They asked 1200$ for it… A couple of weeks later I was on my way…


A thousand dollars and spare; tire, manifolds, mirror, front right wheels hub later I was on my way back home!


Before shaking hand and putting the jeep on the trailer, I did check if the serial number on the plate match the one on the frame:


I know, it’s hard to see it. Here is a later picture taken while at home;


I was quite happy with my find.

Stay tune. You will see what I found in my research about it in my next post.