DJ-6 Work Begin

DJ-6 Work Begin

I finally had time to start to work on my project…after 5 years!

I took us 4 hours to get the heart of the beast out of it!

First we removed any cable/wire/link attached to the engine.

Second step was the removal of the front grill with the radiator and radiator rod support.

Then we unscrewed the bell housing and get the engine out…


It look scary like this…we just need to add some car’s movie like eyes to get an Halloween ornament!

Stay tuned!

Sorin Willy’s at Romania

On: Feb 21, 2017 @ 7:42 PM

  • What is your name?: Sorin
  • Where are you located?: Romania
  • What is your e-mail address?:
  • What is your Jeep Willys model?: M38-A1 (MD)
  • Which manufactured year?: 1953
  • What is your Jeep Willys serial number ?: 66962
  • What was the original body color ?: Grey
  • What else ? Other details ? Factory options and accessories ?: Military model
  • It is for sale?: No
  • Tell us about your Jeep Willys ? : I own a willys since 2017
  • Attach a picture of your Jeep Willys here :