Versatile Jeep Willys

Versatile Jeep Willys

I don’t remember where I found those pdf manual but they are pretty neat! I think it was on but I’m not sure. If you know where they are originated from let me know so I can give the credits to them.

They are big so it take time to open.

I’m always surprised when I saw how many things that the Jeep can do with the proper tools or attachment!

In the Jeep Trucks manual, there is more details about the Dump-o-Matic bed and a lot of other great stuff;

Jeep Trucks

Too many attachments to list them all so check all of them here in The Jeep in Agriculture manual:

The Jeep in Agriculture
Price Lists

This one is my favorite! Air Compressor, fire apparatus, Jeep-A-Trench and many more:

The Jeep in Industry

Enjoy it!

Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together

Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together

Here is an invitation from Will Springer:

I’m inviting you  to the: Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together

First Saturday in October – 10/1/16 Asheville, NC.

I hope to meet you in Asheville.

Call if you have any questions. Thanks … P.S. I’ll have my rusty ’62 at the Get Together.

Optimistically, Will(ys) Springer o|||o

EVENT LOCATION: Grace Event Center 495 Cardinal Road Mills River, NC 28759 (near Asheville)

MAILING ADDRESS: Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together 65 Wilkie Way Fletcher, NC 28732 Phone:828-687-0334