1946 The Universal Jeep

1946 The Universal Jeep

Here is an eight page brochure about the new Universal Jeep. It’s the new CJ-2A from Willys-Overland. A lot of great pictures and applications on it.

Enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “1946 The Universal Jeep”

  1. Did anybody see the advert of a 1945 Ford GPW Jeep grey colour, price 22.500 $.
    Awfull selfmade body. BIG WHEELS !!!!

    In western Europe, Holland Belgium, England you can bye a very original !!!!! Willys or Ford for less mony!!!

    Why do people spoil those vehicles tot a hot rod …. etcetera

  2. I didn’t saw this ad’s about an GPW priced at 22.500$. I do like all original Willys but I understand and prefer to see an old Willys saved as an Hot Rod then see it recycled at the scrap yard.

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