Hubcaps for the proper jeep model and year?…

UPDATED January 18, 2016

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Hubcaps! They are likely to be lost!


So you are trying to find a hubcaps for your old jeep?
Hopefully you still have three for references.
You didn’t has one on your jeep before…

Well, You are in the same situation as me.

So, In this post, I will try to identify which hubcaps belong to which jeep model.

I surfed on internet and found a lot of information about it. I crabbed pictures from all over it. (If you are an owner of a pictures then let me know and I will give you the credits.)
I also copied and pasted information found on many discussion forum.

You are welcome to comment and help me to be more accurate and help me to correct my errors.

First, what is a hubcap?

From Wikipedia :  “A hubcap, wheel cover or wheel trim is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at least a central portion of the wheel, called the hub. An automobile hubcap is used to cover the wheel hub and the wheel fasteners to reduce the accumulation of dirt and moisture. It also has the function of decorating the car.[1]A “hubcap” is technically the small cover over the center of the wheel, while a “wheel cover” is a usually a decorative metal or plastic disk that snaps or bolts onto and covers the entire face of the wheel.[2] Cars with stamped steel wheels often use a full wheel cover that conceals the entire wheel. Cars with alloy wheels or styled steel wheels generally use smaller hubcaps, sometimes called center caps. Alternatively, wheel cover refers to an accessory covering an external rear-mounted spare tire (also known as a spare tire cover) found on some off-road vehicles.

Well, I will say that there are at least three kinds of hubcaps for Jeep; the center cap, the dog dish (or moon style) and the turbine.

three kind of hubcqps

Also, I will cover grossly three era; the Willys 1944-1953, the Kaiser 1953-1970 and the AMC 1970-1987. (Reference Wikipedia)

When AMC took over in 1971, the Kaiser red and gold (RG) color was replaced with red, white and blue (RWB) color.

Center Caps

Here are few examples of center caps;

JWW3-1941-1969Those caps belong to GPW, MB, CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B from 1941 up to 1969 Willys and Kaiser eras.





You can find them easily. They have been reproduced and their cost is around 6-7$ each.



They are used on all 4WD models front (without lock out hubs) and the rear axle. Also used on 2WD models on the rear model 44 1954-63.




Those below seem to be for Jeepster Commando 1967-1971 Kaiser eras.

JWW1-67-71jeepsterCommando JWW2-jeepstercentercap

And finally those ones are for Wagoneer J10 1971-1979 AMC eras.

JWW5-JeepWagoneerJ10-1979 JWW6-images

There was also trim rim (stainless steel ring) available for CJ2A, DJ3A, CJ3A and might be also for 3B.

??????????????????????????????? JWW31-CJ3a-1950RimTrims JWW32-CJ2A-1948-willysring

Note that the red rims above does have nubs for the dog dish hubcaps. There was difference size and I think those was the smaller.

Dog Dish (moon style)

Dog Dish was available through the dealerships for the 15″ rims starting around 1963 with the advent of the J-series. You could get them for CJs also but you need the proper rims. The 62-73 parts book shows them along with the full hub caps. The 62-73 books shows both the RWB and the RG logos available for both the f4 and V6, but it was generally known that the RG went with the V6 and the RWB on the f4, neither of which were offered after 1971. They were usually found on the Tuxedo. If you wanted full hub caps, you could order the spoke beauty rings to go with the dog dish which was troublesome as the beauty rings required 5 mounting clips each. All of the above required a cap without the center trademark for the front if you had manual hubs. WARNING to those shopping these: there were 2 sizes of them in both color options. The smaller, which is only about an 1/8″ difference (10 1/8” or 10 1/4”), will not snap onto the rim requiring the larger one. As both offered front with lockout holes, the difference cannot be attributed to the smaller being dedicated to DJs with 4-lub wheels. More likely, it is agreed that this was due to different vendors of wheels for particular production runs or year models. Also, the gold/red ones were introduced in 1963 for the J-Series and are pictured with and without beauty rings in the Willys Motors introduction for dealers book dated 9/62.

Here are few examples of dog dish caps (moon style);


Those one belong to Jeepster 1948-1950






Those below belong to the Willys eras. They were on Willys Wagon from 1946(maybe later)-1965.

JWW8-willys-wagon-hubcaps JWW9-DDWOWillysWagon

Here is an example of Willys Wagon 1960 with Dog dish AND trim rims.


The nubs on the rims below was larger than the previous one shown (red rims picture in the center cap section).


I don’t know yet on which model does one goes;


Those belong to DJ3A from 1955-1964 and the color was matching the color body.

JWW14-DJ3A-1955-1964 JWW15-SurreyWheel

Those are from the Kaiser era RG. I don’t know if they were on CJ’s and I don’t believe so. But I think they were maybe on CJ5A Tuxedo Mark IV 1965 model and on Jeepster commando 1965-1971.

JWW16-TuxCJ5A-jeepster-1965-1971 JWW17-TuxCJ5A-jeepster-1965-1971 JWW18-TuxCJ5A-jeepster-1965-1971 JWW19-TuxCJ5A-jeepster-1965-1971fronthubsDD JWW20-1965CJ-5ATuxMarkIV

On this Tuxedo Mark IV, I think is a dog dish and trim rims.

JWW43-1965-cj5-tuxedopark-redlion-pa2-650x487 JWW44-1965-cj5-tuxedopark-redlion-pa4

Here is the color change from the RG Kaiser era to the RWB AMC era.

JWW21-DDRG1965-1971 JWW22-DDRWB1971-1979JWW23-DDRWB1971-1979Set4DDRWB

Look like the AMC was larger than the Kaiser by 1/8 inch.

Kaiser 10 1/8 inch                                                AMC 10 1/4 inch


This one is I think was made for the new J12 concept.


The nubs were either made within the rims or attach to it. Some has 3 nubs and other has 5 nubs.

JWW27-RimsNubsforDogDish JWW28-RimsNubsmeasure JWW29-rims


Those one belong to CJ5A Tuxedo 1965-1969.


This one belongs to Jeepster convertible and it’s was an option from 1967-1968.


From advertisements brochure;


This one was for Full size jeep 1971. (Wagoneer. Gladiator…)


But I saw them also on Jeepster commando 1971;


I think people are just mixing them because here is a 1969 with RWB;


The color changed in 1972 for RWB.


Those are for Grand Wagoneer 1976 I think.


I don’t know for those one below.

JWW38-78-Jeep-hubcap JWW41-1984

You can find a lot of them for sale on Ebay but you need to pay attention.

Some people think we are idiots. Check this picture below and find the errors;



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  1. Thanks for the informative and entertaining article, Pascal. Have you ever come across wheel covers for the Jeep pickups? I have a ’62 that was my father’s and he always had large full wheel covers including one for the spare tire. I can send you a pic if you’d like. Thanks

  2. Hi John, Thank. I got a lot of feedback about this post and I will add more stuff in it. Yes I would like to get more pics and any information you may find pertinent. You can send it to:
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  3. I think you have the sizes switched on the Kaiser/AMC dog dish caps. The AMC’s are tghe smaller caps. Thanks for all the information provided.

  4. Based on my research, chrome hinges was available from the factory for the Tux only but we were able to get it aftermarket. As the people over the said, don’t take all my hubcaps comments as a bible since there is some errors in it.

  5. Pascal, initially the hubcaps on the DJs were the dog-dish moon style like those from the Jeepster era. My DJ came with them. Later, on, the DJs used the kind you show. Very helpful post!

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