My DJ-6 research

My DJ-6 research

I did some research and ask about my DJ-6 on many discussion forum and on Facebook.

I found a thread on JeepsCanada Forum;

It worth nothing to try so I asked…got no answer.

Then I asked Dave at ewillys to post it;

 The owner answered me.

“Hi Pascal, the DJ6 was bought many years ago to donate its engine to a CJ5, but it never happened. It apparently spent its life in southern Alberta, probably south of Calgary as it has only one rust spot on the driver’s side. I picked the jeeps up about 70 km north of here. The engine serial # on my DJ6 is 4J418868. The last 2 numbers are kind of hard to read, so it is fairly close to yours which means they are both original engines. The DJ6 paint is raven black. You can post all the pictures you want. If I decide to sell it I will let you know. When spring comes I will probably start fixing it, first the brakes. My rear axle has 2 sets of spring mounts, one a little farther in on the axle that the set that is used. I was talking to an old jeep collector last spring at a car show and he said he remembered reading about this occurring on some of the early series as they used up old stock from discontinued models in this case probably the DJ3. I don’t know if this is true as info on the DJ6 is scarce. I have an owners manual for 1965 CJ and DJ jeeps it is about 83 pages, but does not list any options, the options would be nice to see.”

Here is pictures of his DJ-6:

I was lucky enough to find an 1965 Owner manual and DJ-6 specifications data for year 1965 and 1966. I posted those here:

I think it’s a good story! Two subsequent rare jeep in Canada! Wow!

I will add more pictures of my DJ-6 in the next post. Stay tune!

My DJ-6 Project

My DJ-6 Project

Let me show you what I found in 2012.

This jeep was advertised on as a CJ-6 1962. I did ask more details about it and I got more pictures:

I was surprised to see the serial number.
8605 10062


Normally, I was used to see number starting by 8405. So I did some research and found out that 8605 was for a DJ-6. I found the serial information on the CJ3B website.

It was the first one made on September, 1965!

They asked 1200$ for it… A couple of weeks later I was on my way…


A thousand dollars and spare; tire, manifolds, mirror, front right wheels hub later I was on my way back home!


Before shaking hand and putting the jeep on the trailer, I did check if the serial number on the plate match the one on the frame:


I know, it’s hard to see it. Here is a later picture taken while at home;


I was quite happy with my find.

Stay tune. You will see what I found in my research about it in my next post.

Who my Willys belonged to?

Who my Willys belonged to?

Well I bought it in August 2011 from James Michael Rigotti at Hayward, Wisconsin. He told me that he bought it from Mrs.Darwin Drake. Mrs. Drake died in 2009 based on my research.

Why I want to know it? I would like to know the history of my jeep.

So I wrote a letter in September 2012 to the Drake family. It worth nothing to try.

I didn’t get any feedback since now. Someone answered me!
Here is the answer:

Hi Pascal,
In September of 2012 I received your letter, asking for any history on your Jeep. I am not related to the Drake family. I did phone as many members of that family that I could find and came up empty handed. I also talked with others who had received your letter also and could not get any details about the vehicle. Maybe someone actually tracked down some good answers for you! Hope you are well and staying warm in Quebec this winter.
Carol Channing

So I’m still searching!

Here is a copy of my letter:

September 13, 2012
Drake Family or occupant
10883 N Round Lake School Rd
Hayward, Wisconsin


My name is Pascal Lavoie. I’m from Canada. I apologized for my poor English. I’m French Canadian.

I’m writing to you today to let you know that I’m a Jeep Willys fan enthusiast.

I recently bought a Jeep Willys CJ-3A 1950 from Mrs. James Michael Rigotti in Hayward,Wisconsin. He bought it in 1992 from Mrs. Darwin Drake. I really don’t know if you are a close relative or not to Mrs.Darwin Drake. From my research, Mrs.Drake died in 2009. You have my deepest sympathies.

I do collect all information about the history of this Jeep.
I’m interested to know the original body color, wheel color, does it had a soft top, how many previous owner, does any options was installed on it, when it was bought and how much…
Those kinds of questions.

I’m interested about old pictures of this jeep as well.

So, I would appreciate if you can help me.

If you don’t know anything about it and you are not a relative to Mrs.Drake then I’m sorry. Maybe you know someone else who may know. Please send it.

I enclosed 20$ to pay any postal fee or other charge you may have.

You are welcome to contact me.


Pascal Lavoie

Here is Mr James M.Rigotti the previous owner;

Pictures of the jeep when I bought it;




So if you known Mrs.Drake or Rigotti and you have some information about my Willys, please share it with me.