Ryan Murdock’s at Glenburn, ME

Show Us Your Jeep Willys

On: Dec 23, 2013 @ 12:46 AM

  • What is your name?: Ryan Murdock
  • Where are you located?: Glenburn, ME
  • What is your Jeep Willys model?: CJ-3A
  • Which manufactured year?: 1951
  • What is your Jeep Willys serial number ?: GB1-451- 28433
  • What is your Jeep Willys engine serial number ?: original unknown – replacement motor
  • What was the original body color ?: Potomac Grey
  • What else ? Other details ? Factory options and accessories ?: Red wheels w/black pinstripe. Chrome trim rings.
  • Tell us about your Jeep Willys ? : This Jeep was originally purchased new by my great-grandfather for use on his farm. The farm changed hands a couple times over the years and the Jeep always stayed with it. In 2011 the Jeep was put up for sale and I dragged it home.
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3 thoughts on “Ryan Murdock’s at Glenburn, ME”

  1. Hi Ryan. That is a beautiful 3a. I love that color with the black wheels. I’m restoring a 50′ right now and want to do that Potomac Gray with black wheels. I tried to save that photo of your 3a on the dock but was unable to. Could you possibly send me that pic via email for a little inspiration? 018415@gmail.com
    Again, that is a beautiful Jeep!

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