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Department of the Army Technical Manual

You are looking for technical manual for jeep Willys MB, GPW or M38?

Of course you can go on Ebay … but why should we pay for it?

I found this website (via with a lot of military documents. I do agree with the website author.  I don’t want to give my money into the dirty hands of CD-ROM selling mafia.

But wait, there is nothing about M38 on that website? Right! So a reader from ewillys point me out to this website Voila! You can now get all the manual in pdf format for free! They are in the public domain.

Internet rocks!



CJ5 vehicle identification VIN number

CJ5 vehicle identification VIN number

Are you looking how to decode your CJ’s VIN #?

I found this pdf file over the discussion forum.


The document was made by Mark Olsen in 2006.

From the first page;
This document is intended to help identify Willys, Kaiser, and AMC Jeep CJ5 vehicles. Information contained herein was compiled from the Jeep parts manual, Jeep service manual, and various locations on the web and is NOT GUARANTEED TO BE ACCURATE. Vehicle identification numbers can be located in the following four locations on early CJ5s: Stamped on a plate attached to the upper left corner of the firewall inside the engine compartment.

Enjoy it!