Listen the sound of the first startup of my CJ5 Diesel engine

Yep! Listen the sound of the first startup of my CJ5 Diesel engine.

I had to prime the fuel line and remove all the air into the line. The hand fuel pump was not working so I used a pump that I bought for 10$ at Canadian Tire.

So here is the video of the first startup of my diesel engine! It was not started since the last two years.

On my youtube channel;

Just giving it a little more gaz:

And time to find problem… first one which doesn’t bother me is a small water coolant leak.

:unsure: :cry: :wacko: :negative:


I don’t want to rebuild the engine. So how should I try to fix it at very low cost? I don’t have a welder nor a friend with a welder…

What is your opinion of cold weld stuff like JB weld or Loctite?

Test of the CJ5 1967 diesel motor

Here is my setup to test my CJ5 diesel 1967 jeep motor.

Since the tank fuel was missing, I had to use my imagination;


Why two fuel line? Because a diesel motor is using a fuel return.

I added a “no-return” valve. The  PO let it in a box full of parts. I also added a temporary fuel filter.


Here is pictures of a crack that we found on the block after we started the engine. It is around 1″3/4 long.





I asked people hints and some recommend to weld it, to use JB weld, or use Loctite cold weld stuff. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. I don’t want to rebuild that engine.  I think I will try to drill both end of the crack then trace it with a dremel. I will try the loctite solution.

I’m open to suggestions.

I will post video later.

Jeep Fire Extinguisher

Here is a Jeep fire extinguisher that I purchased on Ebay.

This picture is as I got it;



I started to clean it with water and soap and after 30 minutes it looked like this;



And after one hour of hard work;



I don’t know yet if I will clean it more or keep it like it is right now.