Department of the Army Technical Manual

You are looking for technical manual for jeep Willys MB, GPW or M38?

Of course you can go on Ebay … but why should we pay for it?

I found this website (via with a lot of military documents. I do agree with the website author.  I don’t want to give my money into the dirty hands of CD-ROM selling mafia.

But wait, there is nothing about M38 on that website? Right! So a reader from ewillys point me out to this website Voila! You can now get all the manual in pdf format for free! They are in the public domain.

Internet rocks!



2 thoughts on “Department of the Army Technical Manual”

  1. Thank.
    It even get the MB manual in french version from the French Army. (under Hotchkiss model)
    I will add those links into my link page as well.

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